How to Brew


Each of our products has different usages and potencies meant for different needs. The best way to calculate the amount of either THC or CBD you would need per serving depends on your body weight. You multiply your weight by 0.25 to find out the perfect dosage your body needs of either.

Best Brewing Methods:

Our favorite way to INFUSE our aYUH CHA™ tea bag is to put into CAFFEINATED coffee with HEAVY cream. Caffeine increases the efficacy of the
THC {tetrahydrocannabinol} and since THC isn’t water-soluble, added lipids {fats} will bind to the CBD cannabinoids allowing them to dissolve as well as aiding with absorption during digestion. The best milk to use for cannabis infusions will be the fully-fatty kind like whole milk, coconut milk, or heavy cream (no skim or reduced-fat). Milk-substitute products (nut milk, oat milk, soy milk, etc.).

Why milk products? They make a great medium because cannabinoids love them so much. Cannabinoids won’t stick to anything but fats or alcohol, and since alcohol products aren’t ideal for all consumers, having another source of liquid infusion is pretty important.

How will YOU infuse your aYUH CHA™? Share and tell us YOUR story!

Step One.

1. 6 oz HOT water
2. 6 oz HOT coffee
3.ANY alcohol

Step Two.

1. CREAM or Milk

2. Add to Step one

Step Three.

1. Seep aYUH CHA™ tea bag for 15 minutes or more. Typically users keep the teabag infused in the drink.

Step Four.

1. Enjoy aYUH CHA™! Metabolization is different for everyone. Absorption usually occurs 30-45 minutes post-ingestion.