Our Story:

Approximately 8 million Americans suffer from PTSD. I myself understand firsthand how this can affect each person’s day to day life and how in one instant, TRIGGERS change your mood and perspective. I have found a perfect way to help MYSELF through my own experiences which has MADE me stronger to be able to help others like myself which is why I created HQQH.me™.

Here is my story….

I was born in Yongin, South Korea, to an alcoholic and gambling father. I developed HQQH.me teas for my PTSD because my biological father sexually trafficked me to American GIs from age five to seven, I still remember
the peanut butter crackers, to support his gambling and alcohol addiction. After the death of my mother, I was sold into an arranged marriage to a prepubescent boy, to be groomed by his mother and become the dutiful
wife to cook, clean, wash his clothes in the river etc etc etc. I suffer from PTSD.

To which I told my seven year old self that, this? THIS is NOT going to be what defines me. After finding out that not EVERY girl was sexually trafficked? and THEN to be sold off into an arranged marriage? I ran. I KNEW could choose a better future for myself. I decided to choose a new path because I needed to change my destiny.
In running, I was no longer a victim. Turns out destiny came in the form an orphanage adoption at age 8
into Central Maine.

I’ve found with age, PTSD is about minimizing triggers. When triggered, survival instincts kick in, and my
choices were simple: fight, flight, or freeze. I needed a more proactive strategy to manage my symptoms.
I used to want to hide what’s going on because it made others uncomfortable (people stare, they avoid
my character, call me difficult or treat me differently). NOW? My teas help raise self-awareness which

has one purpose: To enable me to manage what’s coming so that I can LISTEN differently and try my
best to UNDERSTAND appropriately.

It’s taken YEARS to get to where I am today and I can truthfully say that it’s been an arduous
journey because not ONLY do I have PTSD, I’m also a high functioning autistic which makes my
multispectral tendencies heighten EVERY human emotion. I created my teas to create that virtual
bubble space to protect myself against all those energies.

THAT is MY sacred space. I have confidence in WHO I am. I have confidence in WHAT I can do. I have the confidence to go WHERE I want to go WHEN I choose to. This is why I choose to not let PTSD define who I am. My teas give me the confidence to deal with the various external negative energies that I expose myself to when I let them into my bubble space. Properly protected and with all due respect and TRANQUILITY, I can now resume trying to maintain my 100% HOMEOSTASIS, and begin helping OTHERS.

I hope my teas give you the strength to realize that YOU too are unique, YOU too are
immensely special and I hope that YOU too will find internal peace and realize your full
potential in this lifetime. At the end of the day, we all eat, sleep and poop, but we
also need LOVE. Be kind to one another. Be at peace.

Life is much more enjoyable when one has the
CONFIDENCE to enjoy it. My teas give me that, and I hope
that it will give YOU just a LITTLE bit more confidence to
do what you need to do so you take CLAiM what’s yours… 


…a  HAPPY LiFE. 



Mikki West Bubier Ahn

supreme ovaLord

I try to do my best in everything that I do. I often stereotype myself as the high functioning autistic “Asian” artist, who’s a perfectionist that has OCD.